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What Makes Tiffany Limo Different?2014-07-31T16:48:32-07:00

From your first visit to Tiffany Limo you will see that we not only take pride in our craft and scrutinize every detail of production, but we also are innovators within our field. Our decades of experience have lead us to create many best practices, limousine / party bus amenities, and features that have been adopted by the industry in recent years.

When you are dealing with Tiffany Limo you can be sure that no corners have been cut, no expense spared, and should you need warranty or service, the buck stops with us.

What Limousine Service Options does Tiffany Limo Provide2017-04-19T14:31:52-07:00

One of the things that makes Tiffany Limo so different from the competition is the fact that we do all of the work in house. This means that when you have a service need for your limousine or party bus, bringing it to Tiffany Limo is just like bringing it to the dealer who knows the most about the service, repair, and warranty of that particular vehicle.

Not only do we have a full range of services and professional technicians, but we go the extra mile to give our clients the same high level of service they received in the sales process during every service / repair interaction.

What Limousine Makes and Models are Available?2014-07-31T16:47:50-07:00

At Tiffany Limo we proudly offer Chrysler Limousines, Chevy GMC Van Conversions, Hummer Limousines, Navigator Limousines, MKT 80 Limousines, MKT 120 Limousines, and Sprinter Shuttle Limousines just to name a few.

Although the above mentioned models are just a small selection of what we have done, there is no limit to what we can do. If there is a make, model, and custom options you are looking for in a limousine you are one call away from it becoming a reality.

Does Tiffany Limousine offer Custom Limousines2017-04-19T14:31:52-07:00

Tiffany Limo has become known throughout the industry as the leader in custom limousine manufacturing and sales. Since we create each limousine here in California, under one roof, we can meet the needs of each client no matter how specific. If you are looking for a truly one of a kind limousine you have come the the right place.

Does Tiffany Limo offer Custom Party Busses2017-04-19T14:31:53-07:00

Everything we do at Tiffany Limousine starts with listening to the specific needs of our clients and creating a custom approach to meet those needs. This being the case if you can dream it, we can build it. Custom Party Busses are a great fit if you are a limousine service company that is looking to set your business apart from the rest, brand your flee, or simply make sure that your clients can see your signature in each vehicle you employ.

What Options are Available for Party Busses2017-04-19T14:31:53-07:00

Party Bus Sales have gone through the roof in recent years because of their versatility, capacity, and ability to start the party before reaching the venue. At Tiffany Limo we take great pride in offering party busses that include the F-550, F-650, F-750, FRT-26, FRT-33, and even the more compact Sprinter versions just to name a few.

Every Party Bus we create is done so to the specifications of each client to ensure that the options, amenities, and features meet your needs exactly. We do not take the one-size-fits-all approach and since we are the manufacturer, the sky truly is the limit.